Sophia 2011 and Cria

Sophia was born 2011 and her cria born on Feb 2018. Both are up for sale and will be sold as a pair.

Sophia can be mated again for an additional fee by our registered working stud. 

She have given us lovely, easy to manage and easy temperament cria's over the years.  She is a dedicated mum to all her offspring. 

Fleece has not been tested on this alpaca but we have spun her fleece and also made pillows, cushions and quilts over the years.  She is easy to handle on grooming day such as nail trimming, worming, vaccinations and shearing. 

She is usually the first one to pose for the camera but not today! She has a lovely quirky personality and will eat out of your hand. Her cria has lovely ultra soft fawn fleece. 

We have many other alpacas for sale simply send us a email and tell us what you are looking for such as a wether, breeding, pet's or guard. Alpaca's are herd animals and are at their happiest when they are in large groups.  An alpaca can die of loneliness if left alone.  We always recommend that you have alpacas in herds of 2 or 3. 

Little Valley Farm is a member of the Australian Alpaca Association. 



Email or call us for prices as prices vary per alpaca.