Wethers $550

Wethers as pets coming up for sale shortly.

Age from approx 12+ months but depends on development of male. Contact us to find out when they are next are due.

All alpacas are vaccinated, wormed, drenched and nails trimmed every three months.  If you are new to alpacas, we will take the time to show you how to trim their nails and do their vaccinations and worming. 

Our wethers are not registered but often sold as pets. They are such fun to have around as they are quite playful and goofy when in a herd of other wethers.  They love to be in a large herd and are good with sheep but you need to have the correct number of alpacas per sheep if you are looking for guard animals.  An alpaca should never be left alone in a paddock they will die of loneliness and recommend 2 or 3 for small farms. 

Little Valley Farm is a member of the Australian Alpaca Association.  

Our prices include GST. 


Please ensure you have a PIC when purchasing livestock from any vendor for your farm. You can read more about PIC's here.  We now include PIC's on all our sale invoices.