Alpacas for sale - 3:1 Package

We have some wonderful gentle and quite alpaca’s coming up for sale shortly. Females with cria at foot and re-mated to our stud, Richmond. Cria’s need to be with mum till the age of 6 months and then weaned.

Before you venture into the world of alpaca’s please ensure you have the correct fencing, pens, shelters, shade, grass, access to supplementary feeding and secure pens for shearing every Spring. We can advise the best set up for alpaca pens.

All alpacas are wormed, vaccinated and shorn every Spring at Little Valley Farm. They come with a health declaration and a PIC number. Please ensure you have your own PIC number before purchasing alpacas as part of our bio-security process. Feel free to contact Daniela with any queries you may have.


Alpacas are herd animals

As alpacas are herd animals we always sell them as pairs especially when they are born around the same time and are naturally best buddies.

Roscoe was born 14th May and Boey 24th May 2019. These two will be great as pets and lawnmowers and are currently very good with children as Roscoe loves hugs and Boey is very inquisitive and gentle.

Both are males and need to be wethered by the end of the year. They must be kept together and shorn every Spring. Alpacas live up to 20 years and sometimes even up to 25 years old so this is a very long term commitment.

Also as part of our service at Little Valley Farm we offer mentoring programmes for new alpaca and farm owners. Even if you only have two alpacas, you need a secure pen for grooming and shearing days. We can show you how to set up the best pens for alpacas.

We will also review the alpacas worming and vaccination schedule as this is something that you need to do regularly as well as toe nail clipping.

Approx price of each alpaca as follows:

Young males / wethers from $550 to $800.

Breeding females from $900 up to $3000

Non-breeding females from $600 up to $1500

Registered stud from $2000++

Stud service (TBA based on number of females).

Prices of alpacas are based on age and fleece quality plus GST. These prices may change and we will advice accordingly. We sell Huacaya and Suri alpacas and also offer stud service to the right alpaca owners.

Watch the video of Roscoe the hugger.


Alpacas are herd animals.

Our alpacas are sold in pairs.