Spring 2018 Shearing


Our shearing date has been set and our fav shearer is back - Drew Shearman of Shearman Livestock will be at Little Valley Farm shearing away. 

We are now looking for people who would like to help us out on shearing day. Its a whole day of grooming our alpacas from nails, teeth check, fleece sorting and so much more. 

If you are wanting to have your own alpaca farm, this is the best way to learn about alpaca's and also get the confidence and know-how on how to handle an alpaca. 

Our alpaca's range from 6 months up to 10+ years from cria's, wethers, breeding females and of course our working stud. You will find out more about the difference in fleece quality and types and what makes an A+ fleece as well as vaccinations and worming schedules. 

We offer farm stay if you would like to stay in the cabins.  You can book online here

Please note, alpaca day is not suitable for children under the age of 14.  

After shearing has been complete, we will all indulge on the train deck with our famous wood-fired pizza's. 

Please note, spaces are limited: So book in advance with Daniela.   Time: 10am to 4pm. Contact: danielariccio@hotmail.com. we will confirm our address via email. 

Photo taken by Daniela, Shearing 2017