~~ Plant a Tree for every visitor stay ~~

We plant trees all the time, for food, for the garden and to replenish our future timber needs on our 50 acre farm. But we also want to plant a tree for every visitor stay, as a way to remember all the great people who have stayed with us and also to ensure that every single visit to our off-grid farm is carbon neutral. The tree we plant we will sequest approx 10x more carbon over Its lifetime than the average 2-day visit & and overnight stay. Help us plant the tree and we’ll be proudly putting your name on it too. 

  • Using Carbon Neutral Aust estimate of 15 trees to sequestered 1 ton per year. Carbon Footprint calculator for an average two day stay travel from Sydney in an average petrol car. There is of course high variability and extensive assumptions made in this rough figure.

  • (Carbonfootprint.com, Carbonneutral.com.au)

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