Roma Tomatoes by Little Valley Farm

Our Roma Tomato’s have arrived at Little Valley Farm. We have been growing these beauties for over five years and our customers love them. See what our customers are saying about our seasonal chemical-free Roma’s.


Its not easy growing produce right now due to the super dry-season in the Hunter Valley. We are constantly pumping water to care of our tomatoes. Our over 40+ degree days are a bit tough especially when its 3-4 days of non-stop scorching heat and then the hot wind blowing. I am cursing the weather constantly. Luckily, we had a sunflower ‘trick’ that helped shade some of our plants and are pleasantly growing acid free Roma’s right now. Our seasonal tomatoes will be available until March and then we start to prep the soil for our Turban Purple garlic.

Its time to make my passata. See you soon.