sustainable clothing

Grown, spun & knitted in Wollombi Valley

alpaca beanie march 2019 .JPG


100% alpaca beanie

daniela alapca jacket january 2019 .jpg

Waterfall Cardi

100% grown, spun & knitted in Laguna.

alpaca socks march 2019 .JPG


Alpaca bed socks

Autumn has finally arrived and so has our 100% grown, spun and knitted alpaca garments. We are so pleased to have all these garments made in our valley. They are 100% alpaca fleece and handmade - either spun or knitted.

Our beanie with bed socks will def keep us warm this winter and we are looking forward to wearing our 100% alpaca waterfall design cardi. The cardi is one of my favourite pieces and all the fleece spun is from our herd at Little Valley Farm. For now, we are testing the knitted garments to see how the yarn reacts after several months of wearing. So far we love it!

Don’t forgot you can always buy our handspun yarn. Simply send us an email for price and quantity.