Perfect match - Hut & Train to accomodate 2 couples or 4 people


Hut & Train

Perfect pair when a group of upto 4 people book at Little Valley Farm. 

Our Train and Shepherds Hut each provide a bedroom with different advantages. 

During Summer the Hut is mostly under the shade of Eucalypts by the creek line. This spot is cool during the day and makes the most of the long days and summer grasses. 

During Winter the days are short and the making the most of the Hunter's brilliant sunshine is far more important. At this time we'll move the Hut by the Train, closer the amenities and shared deck and bathroom. 

This only leaves our guests with one problem; where to sleep? 

The Hut: we love sleeping in the well insulated cosy hut with brilliant barn doors and classic old windows. The small space warms up nicely with two people, and the cosy double bed and quality mattress always ensures a good night sleep.

The Train: uses the end compartment of the train, with frosted glass and old shutters. The comfy bedhead is made up of the old SRA train seats. With a queen mattress and plenty of donna's or blankets even the uninsulated train keeps you very warm.